The Legend of Camacho Corojo

The story of the infamous Corojo seed spans generations, breaks boundaries, defies convention, and flies in the face of compromise — all in a quest to preserve the character of a legendary smoke that is the foundation of the Camacho brand.


The only thing more Cuban than a Cuban cigar is a Camacho Corojo.

Let us explain. You see, the original Corojo seed is what made Cuban cigars so famous back in the heyday of Havana. Perfected in the early 1940s, by celebrated tobacco grower Diego Rodriguez, Corojo was the exquisite result of isolating the famed Criollo strain, brought over from Mesoamerica, and crossing it with Indonesian Sumatra. The result… a bold, yet smooth flavor that quickly grew legendary among cigar aficionados worldwide. Soon Cuba would be known as the unrivaled producer of the ultimate smoke. There is no doubt that Corojo put cigars from this mysterious island nation on the map. Due to its unparalleled texture, elasticity, and bold, spicy flavor profile, Corojo quickly established itself as the cigar wrapper of choice, both in and outside of Cuba for decades. Yet there’s only one place in the world where you can actually find Original Corojo.


When the revolution took place, we took Corojo

Force of man and force of nature combined to shorten Corojo’s time in Cuba. The new political regime created an economic environment that threatened the integrity of the nation’s most celebrated seed. Farms became nationalized and economic sanctions were imposed. Furthermore, Original Corojo was susceptible to disease, demanding heightened protection to bring it to harvest.

In concert, these forces caused this rare and precious resource to be hybridized into a more resilient, more profitable alternative.

In other words, the famed Corojo would be no more.

Refusing to sit back and watch a legend go extinct, Daniel Rodriguez (Diego’s son) uprooted his family and his farm to preserve his most prized inheritance… Corojo. By liberating as many seeds as he could from a life sentence of compromise, Rodriguez was Corojo’s last and only hope. No one is quite sure how he did it. One theory is that it had something to do with Cuba’s support of the Sandinista’s; by helping the revolutionaries recover tobacco cultivation in Nicaragua.

But others tell a different tale; Daniel Rodriguez simply took back the seeds that were rightfully his.

After all, if the Cubans weren’t going to step up and preserve their own natural treasure… then the heir to its creator would have to do it himself.


We waited 40 years to sell our first cigar.

A rugged tract, deep in the jungles of the Honduran Valle de Jamastrán, had a unique microclimate that was a near-perfect match for Cuba’s famed Vuelta Abajo region, Corojo’s native home. The land was cleared and a farm was built. The soil conditions, humidity and abundant water supply allowed the seeds of the expatriated Corojo to adapt relatively quickly. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. In fact, it would take over four decades of trial and error to recreate a legend that we could truly call Original Corojo.

Curing and fermenting tobacco in Honduras proved a more demanding process than in Cuba. Never one to rush, our master builders focused their efforts on the nuances of Corojo that made it so undeniably unique. Their dedication to craftsmanship enabled them to rebuild the perfect conditions for achieving a distinct stimulation of flavor and aroma that captures the smoker’s palate. A strength of character that, when fulfilled, could finally be called a Camacho Corojo.


In order to produce the richness and intensity of this legendary smoke, our master builders strike a careful balance by using Corojo leaves from multiple harvests. With uncompromising dedication and expert craftsmanship, they factor in sunlight, rainfall, temperature and soil conditions to assemble a perfect blend that delivers the one and only Original Corojo experience.

In order to ensure a consistently bold, carefully refined smoke from one year to the next… the fate of each leaf is in the hands of one man. One master builder whose job is to carefully validate each and every plant and examine its potential before allowing it to enter the curing process. There, a select few will be aged, tasted and checked repeatedly until found suitable to enter the “galera,” where it will be rolled into a masterpiece. Always measured against cigars from previous productions to ensure the Original Corojo experience remains unchanged.

The Legacy

An icon of uncompromised values.

From its Cuban roots and storied past, to 40 years of self-imposed exile, Camacho Corojo is the quintessential embodiment of what we call “The Original Bold Smoke.”

The unsurpassed result of man’s relentless effort to improve what nature could provide. Cultivated as much from the soil as the soul of a fearless craftsman, its robust flavor is as undeniably unique, as it is original. Distinct in its ability to stimulate the senses, Corojo is one of the only tobacco strains that require no blending with other varieties. It’s a smoke that smokes best alone, uncompromised, and never held back.

Built With Original Corojo

As the foundation for the Camacho brand, our legendary Original Corojo tobacco is present in six of our core cigars. Whether it’s wrapper, binder, filler or all three, the historic intensity and full-on flavor of this world renowned tobacco is key to the balance of these Camacho smokes. Uncompromising integrity. Impeccable craftsmanship. Your chance to smoke a legend.